Technological developments that are streamlining businesses

New Technology for Business Development

We all want to work harder, faster and more efficiently, which is why many businesses are looking to tech to pick up the slack and streamline processes to get jobs completed quicker.

But if you haven’t yet dabbled in new tech to speed things up, which ones are a priority for the year ahead to look into? Here we break them down:

Cloud based storage

Paper has had its day but many businesses are still dealing with clunky email chains and old project management software. Investing in a cloud based system allows everyone access to everything they need, in real time. Google Drive is an example of such a system that is free to set up and can be expanded to host more storage space as the business grows.

These systems also allow your employees to manage their calendars, meetings and keep other people updated on developments in real time via email or a hangout feature.

Print checks from your accounting software

We love when things sync. It means there’s no waiting around or trying to get things to work, when under time constraints. Software that prints directly from data input in your accounting software – such as Quickbooks – is streamlining lengthy processes such as payroll, wage slip printing and voucher check printouts.

E-document signing and tracking

No more waiting for documents to arrive via post – digital signing software is speeding up and streamlining business processes when it comes to getting things done such as contracts or employee agreements. These documents are saved centrally and are easy to access, improving the ease of finding them later.

Chatbots are providing answers early

Bigger businesses are reaping the benefits of implementing chatbot software on their site. Customers input a question and the bot answers it in real time, using a predetermined answer. If the bot can’t help then a call to action button directs users to speak to a real person – but in most cases it’s a fancier way of streamlining the FAQ process as well as providing a more human experience.

Going mobile

We can now work on the go and this type of tech can innovate a business more than any other. It allows employees to keep going no matter where they are, keeping customers happy and processes running smoothly. We can work from laptops, mobiles and tablets any time of the day – just ensure your employees are taking a break!

Video conferences

We no longer have to travel across the country or overseas to meet with clients – video conferencing is saving us time and cash as we can chat face to face without leaving the office. It’s streamlining communication between clients and is cheaper than picking up the phone, especially with international businesses.

It’s time now to take a look at your business and where you can consider implementing these types of tech to speed up processes and streamline day to day tasks.

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