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Since long I was looking for a widget by which I can share or multi cast my new articles or blog or a website to all my friends via my contact address book from gmail or yahoo or hotmail or by entering custom mails, now has a solution for it and they call it as “Tell a Friend“.

Tell a friend Widget - Social Twist
Tell a friend Widget - Social Twist

SocialTwist says they love widgets; those with serious functionality that could nearly make them applications. SocialTwist brings Widget Applications that can add a twist to the way visitors use a website or a new way employees of a company collaborate at work.

Tell-a-Friend is the first of series of Widget Applications that form “SocialTwist Web”. Soon they are planning to launch Widget Applications for internal corporate use, to be called the “SocialTwist Enterprise”. SocialTwist is a business of Pramati Technologies – thats really a good and useful approach folks – good luck.

Tell-a-Friend widget might be the best word-of-mouth marketing tool in existence. Tell-a-Friend makes it possible for your site visitors to share your content with their friends without directing them away from your site. Tell-a-Friend synchs with their IM (you can even IM your favorite articles or webpage links in just a click), email in the context of the content they’re sharing without those tedious pop-up forms that require manual input.

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You might have a couple of questions like why to use Tell-a-friend when we already have a Share This button?

Here they have an answer for it too: Why Tell-a-Friend, I already have a Share button

If you have couple of more questions on where to use and how to etc.? you can check their Learn More page to clarify your doubts.

Tell-a-friend is completely widgetised, can be use in any CMS web applications. Easy to use widget code, customise the look of the widget to suit your site and last but not least you can even get the Usage Stats of your widget and there are couple of more interesting features.

We the team at WittySparks have some suggestions for Social Twist team to make this Tell-a-friend widget more handy:

  1. Import Contacts to Social Twist and Categorise each contact address, I mean every person has an interest on some specific fields like some wants to read or check Sports related sites or articles and some prefer SoftSkills, Politics, Entertainment, News, Technology etc.
  2. Provision for Custom Contact Groups and an option like “Send to Sports Group” etc.
  3. HTML Embed code to publish that in other social networking sites which are not listed in existing list.
  4. Or an option to add our own social networking site in their custom widgets via control panel.
  5. Same like the above can we have a provision to add our own bookmarking site to the existing bookmark list?
  6. How about provision to send an whole page as an HTML email or by converting the same page as PDF and share the same via email?
  7. Convert to PDF option?
  8. Print the page or article option?
  9. Tell-a-friend toolbar?
  10. Firefox Plugin?
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That’s all I have in my mind so far, if you have got any ideas to improve this cool widget or if you want to share your personal opinion/experience on this cool widget Tell-a-friend by Social Twist Team just drop your comments.

Good Luck Social Twist.

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