Terror stalks cricket..?

The repercussions of terrorism were felt in Sri Lanka when a bomb intended for a Pakistani bureaucrat exploded. The catch here being was that although it was intended for someone, it created ripples in some other sphere- Cricket.

The sad part of this blast apart from the casualties was that it was Cricket, as a sport which bore the brunt. The explosion took place a couple of kilometers away from the hotels of the Indian and South African players.

The South African team as a result of this blast has pulled out of the tournament. And this means India and Sri Lanka will play in this tri-series which has now become a bi-series!

So, from what has surfaced, the blasts appear to be unintentional as far as the series is concerned. But in this process, has the terror world found another soft target? Sports and that too Cricket?

Although sports has never existed in isolation from terrorism which has reared its ugly head many a times in the past, the scars of Munich massacre a sad memory of the horrific tale.

With Cricket being a big money spinner particularly in the sub-continent, will the blast hurt cricket badly by hurting the economics of the game?

The answer lies in how this matter is dealt. It is diabolical and ironical that countries where terrorism fosters in the bylanes of its cities, a bunch of kids enjoy the game somewhere in the same alleys bereft of larger malice.

So the choice is upto the people at the top level and those who love this sport to decide whether terrorism will be allowed permeate into this sport?

What do you feel…?

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

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