Terrorist attack Sri Lanka cricket team in Pakistan

Sri Lankan team suffered a jolt when the van in which the team was traveling was attacked by armed terrorists in Pakistan. Following the attack, six Sri Lankan players sustained minor injuries and a couple of them suffered some serious wounds. The team was airlifted by a Army helicopter and the team was taken to a safe place.

Terrorist attack on Sri Lanka cricket team in Pakistan
Terrorist attack on Sri Lanka cricket team in Pakistan

Prior to this attack, the New Zealand team got a taste of terrorism when the hotel where it was lodged in Karachi was attacked by terrorists leaving the entire outfit in a state of shock. This eventually led to the cancellation of tour.

Terrorism had not cast its ugly head through such a close encounter on cricket and instances prior to this one were warning signs. However, with this attack it would become a matter of great risk for any country to tour Pakistan which eventually would lead to its being boycotted for security reasons by other cricket playing nations.

The terrorist attack also brings out the fact that security can be breached and terrorism could target anybody and everybody, even sportsmen for that reason. So, in the days to come, the turmoil surrounding cricketing nations scheduled to tour Pakistan would grab the headlines and it would be interesting to note the consequences of today’s attacks.

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