The Avengers leaves Harry Potter behind?

No one knew that a day will come when the theatres all over the world will have something better than Harry Potter to show the audience. But surprise! The day has come the movie ‘The Avengers’ defeated the latest movie in the Harry Potter series in its collections. It will be surprising to know that the movie has managed to earn 17.1 million dollars on the first day itself. You can imagine what a grand success it is from this figure. The film is already entertaining the audience of London, Hong Kong and Australia.

The Avengers on the verge of becoming the world's favorite!
The Avengers on the verge of becoming the world's favorite!

Now if we shift our attention to the movies success in Australia itself, it is shocking to see it earn as much as 6.2 million which is the second biggest opening according to Australian records. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows part 2 takes up the first place. At the same time its release on Wednesday made it the biggest opening in Tiwan. It is only in the US that the audience have to wait until the 4th of May to experience the magic of ‘The Avengers’. So the final verdict is that the film has left all others behind and is on the verge of becoming a world favourite.

Marvel’s The Avengers- Trailer (OFFICIAL):

The Avengers | TV Spot – Balance:

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