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Ever since the red carpets were first rolled out, we’ve been a celebrity-obsessed society. We simply can’t get enough of famous people. Whether you enjoy singers, actors, directors or musicians, you’re living in a world that fawns over the finest talent in art and show business. Some people marvel at the wonders of glitz and glamour from afar, while others long to be a part of it.

It is hardly surprising, then, that when any members of the cultural elite – so flawless and utterly perfect on paper – inadvertently show their human side, it piques your curiosity. Tabloid newspapers have built their enormous audiences on catching celebrities in the act as they fall victim to problems that ordinary folk face every day – from wardrobe malfunctions to slips of the tongue. As the “cult of the celebrity” has risen, certain media outlets have turned their focus on offering a rare peek behind the curtain, granting audiences access to information that celebrities would never willingly share while strolling down the red carpet.

The explosion of the digital age has also given the masses increased insight into the worlds of the rich and famous, with social media presenting people with an opportunity to converse and interact with celebrities online. Any comments or pictures posted by superstars have the potential to go viral, with hundreds of sites sharing the news within minutes of it first appearing on the World Wide Web.

In the current climate, you don’t have to wait for the newspaper to arrive on your doorstep to learn the latest facts and stats about celebs – all you have to do is pull out your tablet or smartphone, and everything you need to know is right there at your fingertips. As well as typical news stories, celebrity gossip can also arrive in other formats, such as video recordings, with quotes and actions turned into GIFs and memes. Celebrity gossip is, in the modern age, omnipresent.

There are myriad websites that actively specialize in providing celeb news, gossip and scandals and that want to be the first to publish these items – and these are by far the best places to go to get the latest updates from the world of the stars. Googling a specific celebrity to learn about a certain story won’t necessarily bring up the results that you’re looking for, as many mainstream news publications that sit near the top of the rankings are often hesitant about publishing any rumors that aren’t backed up with definite facts. For hearsay and general chit-chat about celebs, it’s the specific celeb news sites that can satisfy your cravings. These webpages typically cover all bases and industries, meaning that you can access news about all types of famous people in one place, ranging from English football star Wayne Rooney to Hollywood A-lister Julia Stiles (despite “Wazza” and Julia Stiles occupying different worlds, they both share the same celebrity status). Article topics can vary immensely too, ranging from analyses of a particularly peculiar TV appearance by a certain famous individual (was this person intoxicated on live TV?) to web-based Chinese whispers (the Lady Gaga hermaphrodite saga) to the celebrity dating scene (what exactly did happen between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?).

Another way to remain informed about the lifestyles of the rich and the famous is to go straight to the source. By “following” celebs on Twitter, linking up with them on Instagram, adding them on Snapchat and liking their official pages on Facebook, you can see all their latest posts as they come in – live. While a lot of celebs recruit social media experts to manage their accounts, a dizzying array of bizarre and fascinating posts from famous people continue to pop up every single day nonetheless. By tuning into celebrity social media accounts, you can even see these individuals actively addressing rumors about themselves that you may have read about days beforehand.

Last, but certainly not least, there are the celebrity bloggers. People all over the world have made careers out of publishing their findings after making it their own personal mission to find out the latest happenings in the celeb world – perhaps the most famous example being Perez Hilton. These bloggers go fishing for all the news so you don’t have to, dumping it all in one convenient place for celeb gossip lovers to scour at their own convenience and luxury.

Anyone seeking celebrity gossip won’t have to look far to find it, with scandal seemingly no more than a few mouse clicks away, in many cases. Heading straight to the sites specializing in rumors can save hours of endless Googling, while linking up with specific celebs through their online channels ensures that the latest news surrounding them remains instantly accessible around the clock.

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