The discovery of the Anti-Atom serves as a new ray of hope

Geneva, a popular place for having the UN headquarters in it, has witnessed one of the greatest inventions to date. The Geneva scientists have successfully created an antihydrogen atom and held it for enough time (i.e., 100msec) for a test. This test has made it possible for scientists to discover that this atom has the opposite effect of a hydrogen atom.

Anti-Atom solves Radioactive dump problems
Anti-Atom solves Radioactive dump problems

This also allowed them to dig deep into the past and find out why antimatter created by the Big Bang in equal amounts suddenly disappeared and what happened to them later on.

An international team of physicists in the European Organization for Nuclear Research opines that this invention has helped them move a step ahead in their research. Now they can compare the matter to the antimatter to discover the later characteristics.

This gave a long sigh of relief to the Germans waiting for an alternative to the Nuclear substances that are causing harm to their country. There is news about the German efforts to prevent Nuclear wastes in their country.

There were mass protests against the German government’s decision to extend the country’s Nuclear reactors’ life by the next 12 years. A recent opinion poll conducted in the country showed that more than 60 percent of the German population was against extending nuclear reactors’ lives.

Until recently, there have been demonstrations against the transport of 123 highly radioactive Nuclear waste into France’s country. Germany’s strong disapproval of Nuclear waste’s entry can be understood by the fact that it only has a temporary Nuclear substance storage site in Gorleben in the lower state of Saxony.

A special train carrying 11 Nuclear waste containers left France for Germany some time ago. The exact route of this special train has not been revealed to avoid protests on the demonstrators’ part.

It is said that even the police have not been successful in convincing the demonstrators in favor of the government, which made the whole situation turn into an ugly state where several people were hurt.

20,000 to 50,000 people traveled to Saxony to express their strong disapproval of the special train’s arrival, which is when the mishap occurred. The political parties in Germany have their own war going on regarding this issue.

The Germans are so desperate for alternative energy that they started using coal plants for electricity despite their adverse effects on their climate. Frankfurter Rundschau thinks that it would be an unrewarding effort to turn Gorleben into a permanent storage area.

Instead, he says we must look for a new place to become the permanent storage place for Nuclear wastes. This seems to be the only solution experts can think of to this long-unsolved problem.

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