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The current world has gone digital, and a great portion of our lives depend on technology. Technology is currently at the center of everything ranging from state development projects, home, and garden appliances to office appliances. We all turn to technology to find solutions but the best way to do this is to get a technology expert with accurate and detailed information on all technology matters.

At Tech-Recipes, we elaborate and educate our readers on anything and everything about modern-day technology. We are a team of devoted technology publishers with ultimate answers to the ‘Hows’ and ‘Whys’ of technology news and updates.

We are proud to have over 15 million active subscribers from across the world. Our goal is to put technology into writing for different people, regular browsers, and tech gurus.

We help our readers to make the right decision while purchasing their new gadgets. Additionally, we guide them on how to use the acquired devices in simple steps.

Why Tech-Recipes?

Latest Updates

As we all know, technology keeps changing from time to time; new updates are released every day to suit the current requirements. That means that all these new gadgets and software need to be tested and reviewed to help buyers use them accordingly.

That is where we come in. We are a hub for new technology trends, tech tutorials, tech reviews, tech tips, and features. I can say with certainty that we are the solution to all tech problems.

Tech bloggers always find uncountable niches to write on their blogs. If you are looking for the latest gossips of gadgets ranging from Android, iPhone, iPad to Windows, Facebook tips and tricks, Google news, information about database and programming, look no further.

Knowledge is Power

The fastest way of spreading new ideas, educate massively, and help more people is through writing. Our blog posts are keenly proofread by our dedicated editors to give nothing but the best and latest technology.

Engaging Community

Tech-Recipe platform people from across the world to create a global conversation, leading to rich reading experience from researchers, programmers, students, and entrepreneurs.

Home Assistant

You need not worry about enrolling in tech classes to sit for hours to learn about technology anymore. Just ask for Tech-Recipe help; we are here to ease your pain of a painful chair and back pains.

One good thing about us is that all our information is offered for free or out of the good heart. You only need a smartphone or laptop and the internet to empower yourself.

One-Click to Information

Tech-Recipe is the best place for the ‘Google-It’ generation who are after instant answers and solutions. We offer more than what is published in your curriculum textbooks. We work around the clock to give you a comprehensive view of current digital topics as well as the right source to find them.

This is the only place you will latest trends and tech rumors from all corners of the world in an unbiased way. Our articles are written in a simple, readable language with step-by-step tutorials to understand well.

Tech-Recipe Mission

Our mission is to gather information about every technology element, precisely about its background, present state, and near-future updates. Just as our brand name suggests, our Recipe consists of all information ranging from Smartphones to tablets running on Android and iOS.

You can ready productivity tips and tricks about Android and iOS devices to help you make the most out of them. Research shows that most gadgets are misused because of a lack of information.

Our site is all-inclusive; we help students prepare for their studies and other users to learn about vital tricks of what is trending in the technological world. We believe that everything we post on our blog is helpful, educative, and informative.


David Kirk (aka Davak) has been a long-time net junkie. He first received recognition in the late 90s, for now, buried Moan and Groan Page. Computer Life, Internet World, and Information Week all highlighted the pro-consumer site that would influence future power sites like

After taking some time off to develop his medical career, Davak is back developing web projects in full force. He welcomes meeting people through his Facebook profile and Twitter.

Quinn McHenry (aka Q) is the code monkey of the duo. He is a Biomedical Engineer and dabbled in neuroscience (ask him about the monkeys if you dare). You can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

QD Ideas, LLC

With the success of tech recipes and the atypical backgrounds of the two, Kirk and McHenry formed QD Ideas to fund future projects. Biomedical, computer hardware, and several web services projects are currently in development by the team.

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