The Leap Motion Controller

The Leap Motion controller is now being called the next big thing in computing. The product is akin to MYO but exclusive to computers, and The Leap Motion controller works with Leap-enabled software only and is definitely a great innovation.

Wave of the Future - The Leap Motion Technology
A wave of the Future – The Leap Motion Technology

With this new product, users can control their computers in three dimensions using just hand and finger movements. Now that’s fantastic. The sensor creates eight cubic feet of intuitive, 3D interaction space. The Leap Motion controller enabled various applications, including arts, healthcare, engineering, gaming, etc.

Roberto Baldwin of Wired says that Leap is “…the best gesture-control system we’ve ever tested.” The product is also extremely user-friendly; you have to connect it to your computer via USB, install Leap’s software, wave your hand in the space above the sensor, and start tracking any finger pointing at the screen.

Leap has susceptible sensors, making it extremely low in latency, something the company is very proud of. On testing the product, too, tech gurus have found that it is actually faster than a monitor refresh & there is zero perceptible lag.

The Leap works with any machine that has touch drivers on-board (whether for trackpads or touchscreens). Using it is quite intuitive and means that the technology is backward compatible with existing apps.

Introducing the unique Leap Motion

The amazing controller is 200 times more accurate than anything else on the market and sizes up to a flash drive. It can track individual finger movements to 1/100th of a millimeter.

The breakthrough technology is focused on bringing motion control to the desktop – instead of force-fitting TV technology into computers. And the result of all the company’s hard work is a fabulous Touch-free, 3D motion sensing and motion control software for users.

The Leap Motion controller is now available for pre-order for $79.99. With so many such hands-free gadgets entering the market, it’s getting a little confusing as to what to invest in. What do you say? Is the Leap Motion Controller a must-buy for you?

Information Source: Engadget

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