The one laptop per child organization aims at educating Ethiopia!

Illiteracy is rampant in many parts of the world, mainly due to the majority of the population’s low economic status. Many efforts have been made to rid society of this evil. One such attempt has been made by the One Laptop per Child organization which distributed fully loaded tablets in two Ethiopia villages.

Can you guess what this has done to the children out there? You could ask what appreciation for a tablet can you expect from an illiterate child.

The one laptop per child organization attempts to eradicate illiteracy in Ethiopia!
The one laptop per child organization attempts to eradicate illiteracy in Ethiopia!

It gives me extreme happiness to announce that the kids in Ethiopia have appreciated and mastered using a tablet in a short period. For children who have never seen printed materials or road signs, learning through alphabet training games, E-Books, cartoons, movies, and other apps was the best and fun-filled learning form.

When I narrate the gradual relationship the kids developed with the tablet, you will realize how precious it is to a group of kids who have no school to go to or teachers to teach them. It is fantastic to see that within minutes the tablets were unboxed and switched one. It looks like these kids waste no time exploring new things! If this was the progress in a few hours, what could have happened over a week?

More than 47 apps on the tablet became the best friends of the kids in these seven days. At this rate, 14 days was just too much for them to play games and learn the alphabet in the order of their occurrence.

With time they came to the stage of being able to spell words. This happened over a month. Hacking the Android was a cakewalk for them by the end of the 5th month. Oh my! This is the quickest method of learning I have ever witnessed.

The Ethiopian kids have got Xooms, but soon we will see OLCO’s product in the market spreading literacy in the world, Nell! What advantage does Nell have for a child? Let’s find out right away! It not only guides the kid through learning but provides multiple story modules depending on their interests.

It comes with a low floor and no ceiling to make things easy. The best thing about Nell is it tracks the growing intelligence of the child all by itself. Now that’s what I call fun learning! Don’t you agree?

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