The responsibility of traffic safety taken up by transgenders!

Transgenders teach how to wear a seatbelt!

It seems as if people these days believe that a car has many things that are of no use to them. What’s more surprising is that they include the seat belt in this category of useless things.

The Seatbelt Crew:

It was felt that the commuters of India should be reminded of the need for safety while driving. This responsibility was taken up by the transgenders of India. In an initiative by VithU and Ogilvy and Mather, Mumbai they came forward as the Seatbelt Crew to demonstrate the use of the seat belt for those who seem to have forgotten it.

Transgenders in India hold a special place in the society. They are believed to be auspicious who bring goodwill at the birth of a child or a wedding ceremony. So these divine individuals promise to give their blessing if we remember to take the safety measure – the seat belt! It is a unique idea where they step out into the streets and begin their demonstration when the traffic lights turn red. This demonstration is similar to that of an air hostess but they remind you that you are driving a car and not a plane. There’s no oxygen mask or a life saving jacket all you have is a seat belt. They even remind you that this strip of leather must go over your shoulder and reach the socket beside you on the other side.

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Following these simple steps is not very difficult, is it? This simple act can save many lives and one of them could be yours too! So pull that leather strip across your body and live long. Like they say seat belt pehno dua lelo!

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