The Road not Taken for Greg Chappell..??

Chappell_Greg.jpgGreg Chappell’s announcement of quitting as the coach of the Indian cricket team ahead of the team review meeting might not come as a surprise to many cricket followers in the subcontinent, given the recent spate of developments.

Chappell who took over the reins of Indian cricket team in July 2005 was made the coach till the World Cup. But ever since he dawned the role of the coach, controversies have mired him and the Indian cricket team.

ganguly greg.jpg

His brush and spat with former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly took ugly overtures that eventually saw Ganguly’s exit from international cricket for close to a year.

During his phase as a coach, rumors of unrest kept surfacing all the time though none was strong enough to make news. But then as the saying goes, maybe it was the calm before the storm- the storm of Indian team’s debacle at the World Cup!

The early exit of team India let the cat out of the purse and spilled a can of worms! One after other allegations and accusations began to fly. Allegations made by coach of dominance of senior players, attitude problems and factionism sachin.jpgin the team. As a retaliatory move, Sachin Tendulkar expressed disappointment at Chappell’s comment and refuted his allegations vehemently. The series of remarks and turmoil led to the chairman of BCCI call for a meeting of former captains to take heed of the growing crisis and suggest some bail out measures.

To add to all the developments, Chappell announced his exit as the coach probably aware of the verdict even before the April 6 meeting.

All said and done, this is a nadir moment for Indian cricket which is already burning in ignominy with some shoddy performance in the World Cup. And with unrest among the players in the team over the treatment and conduct of affairs of the coach, concerns and tensions are far from over!

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