The smart gear, the app, the body

Smart clothing is all we needed to get that workout going. We are obsessed with better bodies and better health. And it’s no more restricted to the overweight, fitness is key and essential us these days, and while there were several Apps helping us maintain a healthy lifestyle and manage our workout.

Athos brings in the clothes that do justice to this body fitness obsession.

Personal trainers are a luxury for almost everyone. And we all know the bets workout s is the one specified for us, which helps us get the most out of our energy, time and money. Athos is a Silicon Valley start-up with a new kind of “smart” workout clothing line. The aim is to improve performance and prevent injury using data generated from the wireless fabric. Founders Dhananja Jayalath and Jake Waxenberg have taken working out to another level with this venture.

Athos – Upgrade Your Gear, Upgrade Yourself

These clothes are made with sensors placed all over it along with three specially-placed Bluetooth 4.0 transmitters to display body statistics through an app. It’s simultaneous generation of information. These smart clothes help track real-time heart rate, muscle output, balance, cadence, active resting times and more!

Athos for Smarter workout
Athos for Smarter workout

How it works is simple, you have to purchase the right size of clothing for yourself, you have to make sure to not wear anything underneath, as that would interfere with the gear sensing the muscle work. The gear reads your body movement, breathing, reps and sends it to the Core. The Core is a plastic nugget that snaps into the side of the pants or shirt, it collects and interprets the data and sends it to the cell phone via Bluetooth. You can see the information and alter your workout and exertions right away.

The Bluetooth enabled Core device is $199 and the pants or shirts are each $99. Each item is gender specific and can be worn underneath other workout clothes, if needed. You will have to make sure you get the right size though; the gear should fit snug so that it’s able to monitor the movement of each muscle. They are machine washable and come with hidden pockets to store things like keys and cash.

So what should one consider before stepping into the Athos commitment? Well, firstly the price, you may not want to spend dollars in three digits for workout gear. If you think that’s something you can live with then go ahead. The next thing to consider is the purpose, how much are you going to truly use this product? Are you an athlete who already has a stringent workout schedule? You may feel like you bought something “smart” but not using it enough. That would make you very not smart. This product is definitely for those who are dedicated, those who truly believe in fitness and integrated into your routine. A drawback could be if you were to lose weight in the process (which is the point) then you would have to get a smaller size. So it’s not going to be one time purchase. Gizmos, Apps, and the introductions to our smart worlds are very frantic these days. And even though the founders claim Athos to be the future of advanced workout, there is much to consider in terms of being adapted by all groups of income.

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