The Spin Remote gives you the power to control the world around you!

It’s time to get rid of multiple remotes for your TV! Simply replace them with the Spin remote. This unique device has been created to help you get rid of those buttons that have never been of any use. In fact, their idea is to get rid of buttons altogether.

So how can you control devices without buttons? That’s the power of invention! Spin remote connects to devices through infrared signals in all directions. So unlike the ordinary remote, which requires you to point in the correct direction, you can get the work done in any direction.

All you need to do is, hold it in the position of the function you want it to perform. For example, it needs to be held sideways if you want to increase or decrease the volume in a device. It can even control your lights. For this function, it needs to be held upside down. It is such a smart device that it can communicate with your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Another amazing feature of this device is that you can transform your Smartphone into a universal remote. All you need is a Spin App.

SPIN remote demo:

Speaking about the Spin remote, Ruud de Vaal, Co-Founder and inventor of SPIN remote said “Years ago, when I first had the idea of a button less remote control, the technology to produce such a device just wasn’t commercially viable. With recent technological advancements and a group of talented people joining forces everything changed. The result is an amazing product that brings back simplicity to the living room.”

Let’s get to know the Spin remote a little more closely. The picture indicates the various parts of the Spin remote that help it become superior ordinary remote we are using right now. There is a revolutionary change in the Television viewing experience. The Spin remote only adds to the decor of your house. It will be available in various colors for you to choose according to your taste.

The Spin remote has been on Kickstarter since the 2nd of December 2014 and the campaign will run until the 13th of this month. SPIN remote Debut at International CES 2015 and it will we be available at retail stores from September this year. For further information, visit, SPIN remote on Facebook and Twitter @spinremote.

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