The story of how Lilly Singh turned into a IISuperwomanII

Its superwomen time! A girl that needs no introduction. I’m sure you love watching Lilly Singh as much as I do. She is popularly known as Superwoman. We all know how good she is at what she does.

What some of us don’t know is how it all started. Born in Canada to Punjabi parents, the YouTube celeb started putting up videos in the year 2010. Talking about her first video Lilly said “It was a really bad video,” she says, breaking into embarrassed laughter.

“It was actually a spoken word piece. And I only posted it – to be real with you – because my hair was really doing it that day and I had a new blazer, and I was like, ‘I need to make a video right now.'”

Moving from that to the most popular videos on YouTube was not easy. The Psychology graduate from York University had to convince her parents that she wanted to quit school make a career on YouTube. Though apprehensive at first, they are now her greatest support. That’s it! Only the first step needed to be taken. From then on, there was no looking back for Lilly.

She posted interesting videos every week and her fans just kept increasing in number. Her videos discuss many things. Since it is impossible to mention all of them here, let us focus on the Unicorn Island that she frequently refers to. According to Lilly “Unicorn Island is wherever you want it to be, whenever you want it there. It’s a place where it’s okay to be silly, dance in public, laugh out loud and hug strangers. It’s where our imaginations go to play and for that reason, anything is possible on the Island. Hate, ignorance and negativity don’t exist here. I mean, with the Cotton Candy bushes, Skittles Waterfall and Mushroom iPod Speakers, there‚Äôs just no room for anything crummy.”

Lilly Singh’s one of the popular video is:
Types of Kids at School

She has 1,992k likes on Facebook, 695k followers on Twitter and the number just keeps increasing with every passing second.

What has made an ordinary Indo – Canadian girl so popular? She and millions of her fans believe that it is her ability to connect to most teenagers and young adults across the globe. She says “It’s because people see us twice a week, once a week. People see us at the malls. We don’t have security guards at the malls; we’re so accessible to them. We do live shows, we reply to them on Twitter. It’s like having a celebrity that’s a friend.”

Wikipedia describes the 26 year old as a motivational speaker along with being a popular YouTuber. 80% of her fans are female but in India, it’s the other way round. Here most of her fans are male. If you still what to know why this girl is liked by so many people, you will hear them say “her analogies are so relatable.” This is what makes a successful YouTuber.

IISuperwomanII New song #LEH – Superwoman & Humble The Poet (Official Video)

She has a strong opinion about the status of YouTubers and their status. She says “I really have this desire to make it known that the Internet exists and YouTubers are important,” she says earnestly into a hand-held camera. “And not only are YouTubers important, our followings are incredible.” In support of this, the YouTube star posted an online appeal to her fans to support digital insurgency against the impending silver-screen worship. Speaking about the same, she said “I want this event to happen, and I want there to be a sea of Superwoman there. Not because of me – because of us.”

After being successful on YouTube, she has put her first step into the movies. She playing a small part in Salman Khan’s Dr. Cabbie, a movie about Indian immigrants to Canada. We all know how good Lilly is at acting. No wonder Salman Khan, who is the co producer of the film, chose her to play the part. So, let’s wish the best for our IISuperwomanII in her new venture!

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