The Top 4 Web Hosting Providers

Virtual Private Server Hosting

Are you looking to start a blog, either for your business or maybe just for a hobby? If you are, you will need to call on the services of a web host provider. For your website to appear online, it requires space on a server and a unique web address to enable people to visit your website.

Hosting options vary greatly; you can get free hosting services, shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and several other popular options. The number of host companies out there in the market is huge, and it is not easy trying to work out which one is the best fit.

Some hosts are better in specific scenarios than others. For example, you have some hosts that are excellent in terms of WordPress support and setup. Other hosts offer great packages for small businesses. Some hosts are highly experienced in supporting huge businesses with great hosting demands. So it is not as easy as finding the number one host.

However, several hosts are considered the best around that always appear high up in host expert reviewers’ rankings.

Here are 4 of the cheapest hosting providers available right now:


HostGator is a giant in the web hosting industry, and they offer a wide range of different packages. With the smaller packages starting from $3.95 per month, it is easily affordable as well.

They offered WordPress hosting and cloud hosting, as well as VPS and dedicated hosting. So whatever your needs, HostGator is likely to be able to accommodate them. They are also well regarded for their customer service, and their technical support for WordPress is rated highly.


This company has several strings to its bow, offering domain names, websites, web hosting, servers, email, online marketing, and security services! So if you are looking for one company to look after all of these things for you, then 1&1 is a great option.

Again, there are several packages to choose from with differing performance levels, starting with 100GB storage and going up to unlimited amounts and an unlimited number of websites, databases, and email accounts.


According to its website, DreamHost provides hosting for over 1.5 million websites, so they’re pretty popular. They offer an easy-to-use a website builder to help you get started quickly with a website for the first time.

They also offer various services, including managed WordPress hosting, shared and dedicated hosting, and domain names. If you are looking for cloud services, they are also fantastic for providing cloud servers and cloud storage.


You may have seen GoDaddy advertised on the TV, they are the ones that offer a website for as little as 99p!! So yes, you can get a really cheap deal, but it depends on what you are looking for, as there is the usual wide range of packages and levels of performance that the others offer. GoDaddy has become increasingly popular and is a perfect host according to expert reviews.

There are just so many providers available, but you shouldn’t have too many problems if you go with any of these four. They have been around for a while and have all built up good reputations on the back of their high service levels.

Take a good look at all of the features each host offers before you make your decision. And remember, you can always use the money-back guarantee if you decide that the one you choose isn’t right for what you need.

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