The Women In Black raises the bar for Hollywood Cinema

Daniel Radcliffe has earned himself a new name. No I’m not talking about Harry Potter. With the unimaginable success of Woman In Black in the UK and the US, he made himself famous as Arthur Kipps whom he is portraying in the film. It is a remake of its 1989 version that came before the audience with the same name. This is the first time Radcliffe will be seen in a new role after the Harry Potter series. This film helped him prove to the world that he is a versatile actor.

Daniel Radcliffe now charms the audience as Arthur Kipps in The Woman In Black

The story revolves around Arthur Kipps and how he explores an old haunted house in a remote area of UK when he comes to sort out some papers of his client. During this process he discovers that the house is haunted by a scorned woman. As the story unveils we find out how Arthur tackles the problem. Woman In Black has already broken old records and created new ones in the UK and the USA. It occupies the first position in the box office according to official reports. It has managed to earn 3.1 million pounds during the weekend leaving behind films like Twilight and Shutter Island. It is surprising how the film earned 10.3 million dollars within 3 days of its release. By the tenth day the film had 35.5 million dollars in the US box office to its credit. The film came before the Indian audience on the 17th of this month and now we have to see if Radcliffe is able to create the same magic here.

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