The Wonders of Huaxi – China’s Richest and Small Village!

To date, China was only known for being the highest populated country in the world but now the country gives us an all-new reason to think of it. Don’t try guessing because what you are going to read further is going to be totally unexpected.

China's small and richest village Huaxi, A big sensation!
China’s small and richest village Huaxi, A big sensation!

The reason is a small village with big achievements. Yes people China will now be known for its village Huaxi for being the richest village in the country.

I know it’s hard to believe this but every farmer in this unique village lives in a plush villa and owns a minimum of two cars along with a bank balance of 250,000 dollars. Now that’s what I call a remarkable achievement. Remember! It’s not easy to go from being a regular farming town to being “the richest village of the country.

Don’t say goodbye yet! I have more stories of this victorious village to narrate to you. Have you ever heard of a village having its own air services? Once again Huaxi stands tall as the first ever to do that. The village took permission from the Civil Aviation Administration of China to establish the Huaxi General Aviation (HGA) in its area of over 35 square kilometers.

This has been made possible by an initial investment of RMB 100 million. The HGA will be used mainly for tourism purposes. This means that the HGA will be most useful for those visitors who would like a bird’s-eye view of this beautiful village. This is again something we would not expect from a small village like Huaxi.

Huaxi: the village that towers above China
Huaxi: Secrets of China’s richest village

Talking about tourism the village also has an ambition of improving its tourism aspects. Huaxi already has 2 million tourists every year. As if that was not enough the village authorities have spent 3 billion to build an 800-room luxury hotel Longxi International Hotel, which opened last October.

They have even gone to the extent of duplicating the popular visiting spots of China and these include the Great Wall of China, Tian’anmen Square, Arc de Triomphe, and the United States Capitol Building.

Can there be anything more to a village?
The answer is yes! Huaxi also has the privilege of having the world’s 15th tallest building in it. If ever happen to go to this place don’t forget to see this building, designed to be a five-star hotel. It stands 1076 feet tall and can accommodate more than 2000 people in it.

The building also boasts the possession of 35 elevators that run at a speed of 10 meters per second. According to records, these are the fastest in the world. Towards the end, I just want to say that it’s a must-visit for all those who have an eye for amazing places on earth!

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