ThrowMeApp – Taking aerial pictures risking your smartphone

Have you ever wanted to take a photo of yourself from an aerial view? Now you can help with the new ThrowMeApp. If you are crazy and obsessed with yourself from every angle, this app is for you.

ThrowMeApp - A fun yet risky app for creative photo lovers
ThrowMeApp – A fun yet risky app for creative photo lovers

Anton Beitler, a technology student, developed the ThrowMeApp. Even though the way it works is pretty simple, the risk involved in using it is the catch.

The app is available for android phones free on the Google play store. Sorry iOS users, you will have to sit back on this fun app and watch the androids enjoy.

The way the app is programmed to work is brilliant. The app utilizes the smartphone accelerometer to determine when to take the best shot while in the air. Allowing the phone to estimate the speed at which it is traveling in the air, the app enables the phone to click the shutter button on time. It also helps the phone adapt to repeated use, calculating the average time in the air, etc.

How does one use it?  It’s a three-step easy way;

Step 1: Position the phone flat on your hand and start the app.

step 2: Touch the screen

Step 3: Throw your phone in the air and try to make a more happy expression than the fear of losing your beloved smartphone.

One thing to keep in mind is to allow minimum spinning and movement while throwing the phone in the air because that would curb the possibilities of blurred images.

Taking pics like these can be quite the joy, and if the picture comes out good, there’s even more to celebrate because you put your smartphone in jeopardy while undertaking the crazy activity. It’s best to stand on softer surfaces so that your phone if at all it would fall, would not be damaged.

A risky yet fun app to develop, creativity is what makes our world spin these days; Anton Beitler has provided photo freaks with a more happening experience for sure!

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