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Life is a journey which teaches every individual some lesson at every turning. The quote by Lao-tzu-A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” sums it appropriately. It is up to every individual to understand and make sense out of what life teaches them. It may not be always a rainbow of joy but clouds of sorrow, grief, sufferings and struggle that life presents individuals. And the extent to which every individual bares this weather that life presents them with makes him/ her, an innovator, leader or an achiever.

The 2010 TIME 100 Poll
The 2010 TIME 100 Poll

TIME magazine compiles a list of such achievers and the list for 2010 is out. It has compiled a list of 100 individuals from different walks of life who in their own respective fields have achieved great heights and seek your opinion on who should make it to the top league.

The list a few Indians and they are:

Mr. Manmohan Singh

Mr.Manmohan Singh - Prime Minister of India
Mr.Manmohan Singh - Prime Minister of India

India’s Prime Minister even at the age of 77 leads the country from the front with his policies and clean image which has earned him the respect of one and all across the world. An economist of the highest order with several academic under his belt, he pioneered the financial reforms during the early 1990’s which changed the course of Indian economy as well as India’s fate to come in the coming years and would see India rise to the position of power on the world platform.

A deserving candidate who commands inspiration among his followers and adversaries with his modesty and knowledge!

Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan - Bollywood Actor & Businessman - India
Shah Rukh Khan - Bollywood Actor & Businessman - India

Shah Rukh Khan with his array of diverse performing in silver screen has earned a large fan base not only in India but even abroad. He started his career from television and struggled dearly to get a break in Indian cinema. And the break came through a movie Baazigar in which he played ant-hero and his performance was lauded in different quarters. Over the years he has dawned different roles, from romantic roles in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge to a more mildewed and sober teacher in Mohabbatein. All said and done, this Khan has proved that persistence pays in the long run!

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar - Cricketer - India
Sachin Tendulkar - Cricketer - India

Sachin Tendulkar is an epitome of hard work, dedication and focus. A Demi-God in the world of cricket, this cricketer has gone where no cricketer has ever ventured. A classic act with the bat, he has broken and created records setting standards difficult for others to emulate. Sachin started playing cricket at the tender age of 16 and over the years his hunger to learn and excel has just increased!

An icon and a living legend of modern times, he is guaranteed a place in the memory of millions of cricket fans across the world.

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta - Bollywood Actress - Businesswoman - India
Preity Zinta - Bollywood Actress - Businesswoman - India

This bubbling actress from India has had a roller-coaster journey in Indian film industry to say the least. Starting with a few Television commercials, she went on to deliver some laudable performances across comedy, drama as well as thrillers genres in movies. Off late, her appearances in movies have dwindled. The actress also is the co-owner of a cricket team in the Indian Premier League.

Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat - Novelist - India
Chetan Bhagat - Novelist - India

This write became popular with a series of releases starting with the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. The title sounds catchy indeed and the book too went on to become one of the hot sellers. He followed it with One night at a call center, Five point someone and the most recent of the lot has been Three States. An IIT and IIM product, he was recently in the news for the infamous spat with the makers of 3 Idiots, a Bollywood movie, which he felt did not give due credit for basing the story on his book.

A multifaceted talent, he sure is one of the promising faces of contemporary modern India!

If you wish to provide one of the above achievers a place in history, visit the following link and vote for them.

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  1. This all people are Bakwas & Corrupt. Who Manmohan singh, I don’t know any helpless & thin Manmohan Singh I know only Swamy Ramdev, And You people are talking about sharukh khan who talking about pakistani players, that country killing our thousand of citizen and army-men. The above all statues are a symbols of Marketing and our Swamiji are the symbols of excellent & Great India. Jay Hind !

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