Today’s Cheaters, tomorrow’s Role Models

Have exams lost their essence or can students just cheat and pass? Who will know what they’ve done once they’ve earned their degrees, and become professionals in various fields. This is the shocking truth of today’s education systems.

Is today’s cheaters are tomorrow’s role models?
Is today’s cheaters are tomorrow’s role models?

With more and more emphasis made on using the internet and computers for homework and exams, students are likely to cheat. Cheating during an exam has always been an option based on how easy or how difficult of a task it will be. While the low scorers cheat to survive, research has shown that even high achievers are consciously doing it. Not only are students fooling themselves by opting for such practices, they are also subjecting themselves to plagiarism and violation of various rules unknowingly.

This is not a phenomenon only present at regular colleges, Howard Gardner, a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education has found similar behavior in the elite colleges. The students don’t find anything wrong in what they’re doing and say

“We want to be famous and successful, we think our colleagues are cutting corners, we’ll be damned if we’ll lose out to them, and some day, when we’ve made it, we’ll be role models. But until then, give us a pass.”

This lack of integrity and ethics shows that the role models for tomorrow are not going to be what they seem. Becoming famous is the goal, and how one achieves it is not important.

The world that we live in today, parents tend to put off all their parenting responsibilities onto the school. All the raising and culturing and discipline are made the schools job. Hence, there is no wonder the schools are unable to cope with it. Tricia Bertram Gallant, author of “creating the ethical academy” said;

“We have a culture now where we have real trouble accepting that our kids make mistakes and fail, and when they do, we tend to blame someone else,”.

The author also shares that;

“Thirty, 40 years ago, the parent would come in and grab the kid by the ear, yell at him and drag him home.”

Without a doubt, we can agree that children today are way too pampered to believe in their own laws and principles than obey that of others.

The idea of success and role models in the present are a very subjective area. There are no strong criteria to select a role model for children. People are getting respect when they become famous by unwanted sexual content of them splattered all over the internet. Everything is about money, and not about how it’s made. The children are bombarded by media, and especially the movie stars and their rather ignorant life; which now is becoming a source of inspiration.

To what extent can the educational institutions be held responsible? Playing the blame game is futile; parents should take active part in molding a responsible individual for the society. In the end it’s their Childs’ future at stake. If an issue like this is going to be ignored, the world will have role models with characteristics of cheating, deceiving, lying on their portfolio!

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