Tom and Jerry Classic Collections

For those of us who grew up watching cartoons of Tom and Jerry, watching them even today would fail to bore us by any standard. Be it the persistent antiques of Tom to grab Jerry or Jerry’s witty tit-for tat-replies, they entertained an entire generation ! Walt Disney created an entire package, weaving within the animation, entertainment and memorable characters who became a part of kids and families for many a days to come.

Tom And Jerry Classic Collection Videos
Tom And Jerry Classic Collection Videos

In all of Walt Disney’s creations, background score was an integral part. Every little instance of action had a certain sound piece or music attached to it and it would be fair to say that every trinket of music added to the entertainment in its own small way. Every part of the music was well orchestrated and an entire gamut of instruments were used to create the desired effects. It would be fair to say that to fathom watching any of the Tom and Jerry’s episode without music would imply body without soul!

We have tried to capture some of fascinating videos of Tom and Jerry which we hope would entertain and rekindle some fond memories!There is more to this and the others would come up in another post soon, so watch this space!

Tom and Jerry’s Cousin

T and J – Jerry and Jumbo

The little Orphan

Saturday Evening Puss

Jerry and the Goldfish

Tom & Jerry,The Dog House

Fine Feathered Friend

Flirty Birdy

Jerry and the Lion

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse

Yankee Doodle Mouse

The Solid Serenade

Tom and Jerry life with Tom

Tom and Jerry- Bad day at cat Rock

Hope you enjoyed watching these – What do you think about this Tom and Jerry Classic Collections?

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