Top 3 Smartphone Device Manufacturers

Top Smartphone Device Manufacturers

The supremacy battle started in 2007 when Steve Jobs first introduced people to the iPhone device; one that transformed the telephony industries. Ever since the introduction, mobile phone manufacturing companies have kept the competition going all in an attempt of trying to take up the number one spot.

The debate regarding which brand is better than the other one will most definitely continue for a while considering the fact that people tend to differ vastly in terms of their taste and preference and their background. In light of this, we have compiled a list of the top three manufacturers in the industry based on market feedback which is the most unbiased and objective way of establishing consumer preferences.

To paint a clear picture of this, we will use the cold, hard data relating to the worldwide smartphone shipment units. According to a report released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the smartphone market achieved a major milestone by shipping over one billion units by the end of the fourth quarter of 2013.

A total of 284.4 million smartphones were shipped worldwide representing a 24.2% increase. According to findings, these are the top 3 smartphone device manufacturers based on the shipment units.

  1. Samsung
    The multinational conglomerate company is at the top of our list of the best smartphone manufacturers. According to IDC, the company shipped about 313.9 million units worldwide by the end of the 2013 fourth quarter. The company commands 31.3% of the total market share. The demand for its Galaxy S III, S4, and the Note models was a huge determinant of this dominance. Even ZDNet, one of the best tech blogs has awesome reviews about Samsung devices.
  2. Apple Inc.
    The last quarter of 2013 saw a record-breaking volume of the total shipment units of its devices. The main reason attributed to this was that many countries endorsed the iPhone 5S and 5C. The fact that Apple entered China Mobile also played a huge role but it still remains to be seen if Apple will close the gap against Samsung. A total of 153.4 shipment units were made in by the end of the last quarter representing 15.3% of the market share.
  3. Huawei
    The manufacturer maintained its third spot despite the fact that it attained the highest year-on-year increase. The company shipped about 48.8 million units in the same quarter and occupied 4.9% of the total market share.
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