Top 7 Benefits of Android Application Development for Online Businesses

People from the current generation are getting more dependant on virtual shopping concept rather than making any physical efforts to buy any product or service. This is the reason why the use of smartphones and mobile devices have increased to a great extent.

The change in lifestyle craves for the convenience, which brings no surprise that people prefer to manage their grocery, food orders and even the finance with banking using mobile devices. Here we have a list of

7 benefits which you can get for your online business with the help of an android application.

Establishing a differential

When you reach for a custom android application for your business, you get something which helps your business to get highlighted as a differential. Having a personalized android application for business helps in improving the service reach for the customer with better accessibility. It also helps you to get placed near your target customers and always stay alarmed about the market and the emerging needs of users. Overall, the concept of having an android application for your business can help you get marked as a differential in your field of operation.

Growth of business

The android market is the biggest market with around 28,00,000 apps which are much greater than play store apps and window based applications. Also, there is 11 percent of people who use mobile apps offered by their preferred business but believe that there are many things which could be worked for the improvement of quality through the application. Therefore, the business owners no matter small or large can take advantage of the moment to launch their app into the play store enhance the growth of the business.

Being innovative

A customized application can be of great help to serve your customers with any type of existing as well as newly introduced services. It is highly advantageous for your business for working on a marketing campaign or any other actions for improving your business impression. So if you have an android application designed for your business, you will be presented an innovative business entrepreneur which takes the effort to provide the best service for the customers.

Outreaching customer

Having an application for your business is a great way to increase customer outreach. When you have a business application which is available on the phone or tablet screen of the user, it helps to create a stronger impression on the user’s mind about your services. Doing this can help the customers to choose your business as a first choice which is great from the perspective of overtaking the counterparts.

Better relationship

The advancement in technology has paved way for some great application features like push notification. When you have push notification option added to your application, it gets easier for you to present your brand in front of the customers each and every single day. This is also beneficial for gaining customer loyalty and confidence that you are always present for them. Also, any customer who downloads your apps helps you to confirm their willingness to deal with your company.


The most important factor which every user tries to find is the ease of navigation seeking for a memorable user experience. If you have a business website, then it is necessary that you should ensure a great level of navigation but it is also important that you ensure that you do not feature all the options on the website, thus directing the users to install your application for an enhanced experience of services. This can prove to beneficial for the customer to improve reach while it can also add value to your business with marketing options of the app.

Proximity leading returns

When you have a business application developed on Android platform you can increase the business proximity with the customer. This gives you chance to analyze the current status of the services related to quality and customer satisfaction. You can track the positive records and work on your fallbacks to improve the overall returns of your business.

So from all the above-mentioned points, one thing is very clear that every customer wants to have convenience for the service they require either they need your product or any assistance. Having call only or mailing options add boundaries making the customer access limited.

However, having an android app developed just to serve your business and customers can be of great value to take the leads.

Published by Ravi Sharma

Ravi Sharma is the Co-Founder and CEO of Webomaze. He is a young entrepreneur helping various businesses worldwide to have a better online presence through a great website, mobile app and strategic digital marketing. He is a traveler and loves to explore new places.

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