TopCoder Java development competition – $1,500 in prizes Logo TopCoder announced the launch of the Notus FOKYC Data Access Objects Java development competition, with $1,500 as the first place cash prize and 1500 DR points.

This competition while similar to a component competition is different in that what TopCoder would normally release as several separate components is being developed as one unit of work.  This competition will not be rated, but will award DR Points.  It will feature extended submission (10 day) and review (4 day) phases.

The work itself contains a Domain Object Model (DOM) of POJO and JPA mapping to a Relational Data store.  It also contains a generic Object factory and 6 individual DAO’s.  This component will be used by future components to provide data access/persistence for a number of web services.

The technologies include Java, JDK 1.5, JPA and EJB 3.0.

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