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Teewe is a very familiar name in the Indian entertainment right now. The new product Teewe 2 has been the buzz and consumers are raving over the new features, affordable price point and services that Teewe provides them with. But brand is not stopping its availability there, this month Teewe ventures forward into providing an offline trial experience for users, by tying up with India’s leading mobile and technology product retailer; Spice Hotspot.

Available at Spice Hotspot stores in Delhi and Bangalore, this is going to be a chance for people to try Teewe offline and get an idea of the product hands on. Users will be able to find interactive demo stations set up, in the stores, so that they can have the Teewe experience, along with the professionalism and service quality of Spice Hotspot. This is a good business move for Teewe and Spice, they’re mutually promoting their name in the market, and increasing sales. People who come into the Spice store will browse through their products and probably end up purchasing a product or two. We have to keep in mind here that both these companies are meant to attract tech savvy Indian consumers.

Teewe with the launch of Teewe 2 has created a stir in the market, and this step by the company shows there is still a big chunk of the consumer market that hasn’t been exploited. This is apparent in the statement by CEO of Spice Hotspot; Krishna Kumar, “Spice Hotspot recognizes Teewe as not only a relevant accessory to the wide smartphone product range at our stores, but also as a partner who’s aligned with our vision of giving people access to the best possible technology at affordable prices. Our customers are at the core of our company’s strategy and we always strive to introduce products that delight our customers and a great entertainment innovation like Teewe is a step forward in that direction. We hope our customers will seize this opportunity and experience this great piece of technology at our Spice Hotspot stores.”

Teewe – India’s Favorite Streaming Media Player

Co-Founder and CEO of Mango Man Consumer Electronics, has spoken about this venture in the light of making the product available offline, this stemmed from the overwhelming response upon release of Teewe 2. They aim to initiate usage of Teewe to the unreached consumers in India.

The Teewe demo stations will be available at 23 stores across Delhi and Bangalore. The Demo stations went live on 20th August and there is an attractive launch price of INR 2,199/- applicable only from 20th to 29th August. Will we see a new version of Teewe soon? Is this the company’s way to promote its product while they figure out new ways to innovate Teewe for a new Teewe 3 version?

It is rather amazing how the marketing team of Teewe is handling this, they definitely have a game plan and slowly spreading across India with such promotions will help them tie up with tech companies that can further promote the product. This is good timing for Teewe to invest in such collaborations and promotions, as their second version is in the market, and receiving great feedback. This always buys time for companies to spread their present products version, instead of investing in a newer version. And with collaboration with a well-known brand as Spice Hotspot, Teewe is preparing a wider market for any future releases.

Image collage caption: Taking over Delhi and Bangalore, one Teewe promotion at a time!

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