Tune your Mind…

The man who acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take possession of anything else to which he justly entitled.

Andrew Carnegie

You would have adjusted the picture on your television sets to get better clarity at some point in time. How did you do it? Probably, you would have handled the vertical hold and the horizontal hold and made the picture stable or fine-tuned the setting using the remote, isn’t it..?

Tune Your Mind?
Tune Your Mind?

What you did to your television sets applies to your mind too. If you proceed the same way, you can use this wonderful tool to make your mind work wonders for you!

As I mentioned earlier, the quality of your mental picture frames the equation for your success. The better the clarity on your goals and targets the more the chances of achieving them.

You can make your mind go for the impossible provided it is attractive and clear to your mind. And for this you need to fine tune it but removing other distracting thoughts from its vicinity. In other words clear the picture in your mind and get clarity and focus.

You are responsible to make the picture attractive to the mind. So, rid it of unwanted ideas and fine tune it!

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  1. Clearing a picture in your mind in order to gain clarity and focus, demand clarity and focus…
    It’s a little bit tautologic, isn’t it?
    Although it is true that training clarity and focus do enhance clarity and focus … if you keep staying relaxed when you do it. And … with a lot of time.

    But for much more fast and durable progresses I would suggest “Brain fitness” aka cognitive training, search it on wikipedia then go to references …

    (sorry for my enlgish.)

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