Tweeting more than Blogging?

Looks like I have got addicted to Twitter now, sharing more web information updates in twitter than in my own blog :). For people who don’t know what twitter is all about, here is a small introduction. Twitter is another social networking web sites (among 100’s of such sites), but it is different. Why? you may ask. Twitter lets you share your thoughts, ideas, updates, what you are doing, where you are etc in 1 simple click.

Twitter or Blogger
Twitter or Blogger

For people who don’t want to or have no time to write paragraphs and paragraphs about their views in a blog, twitter lets them share their idea in a simple 140 characters. It helps people stay in touch with their friends, get to know their opinions and statuses. You can “follow” your friends, have them as your “followers”, share your “tweets” with them and end up “twittering/tweeting” for hours and hours. It helps celebrities, politicians, sports stars to stay in touch with their fans as well.

Twitter is also very simple to use, to share information right away with just CTRL+C and CTRL+V :) – I have started using twitter not just for status updates but as my bookmarking and link sharing site as well :). Whenever I come across a new cool site, which is useful for future use, I used to add them to my browser favorites or bookmarks, but I never refer back to them later:) (I am sure there are many like me). Bookmarks can be sometimes cluttering and difficult to search. Using twitter helps me to save these links online which is more easier to refer back to. More importantly, browser bookmarks are lost once the browser crashes or the system crashes, but twitter helps me bookmarks these sites permanently. And these links could be useful to other web masters round the world and my twitter account helps me share these links with them too.

These days I seem to be tweeting more than blogging and I feel the urge to look for something to tweet today than to write an article on my blog. Do you share the same feeling like me? Please share your thoughts on twitter and your twitter usage.

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