Twitter Vine may be a fun fad

Love Twitter love Vine, that is exactly the situation of the mini bloggers all over the world. The ones using the apple iPhones and iPads only though, Twitter is getting smarter with age and has officially acquired Vine a free video sharing app that enables users to make their own short, looping videos and sharing them on the web.

Twitter acquires Vine stirring up the land of networking
Twitter acquires Vine stirring up the land of networking

The amazing service is special in its looping feature wherein one video can be taken in a number of scenes, and presented together. This is at a new level of fun information sharing via tiny six-second videos. Once the video is captured it can be directly uploaded on Facebook, Twitter or Vine app. Interested users can also use the Vine without having to make a twitter account also, making it an application useful for non-twitter users as well. Vine is a very well recognized app in the apple app store, it is currently on the 13th position in the top free app category, it is also being added to the Editors pick.

Vine App (from Twitter) Hands On Review:

Although one may argue that there are other such apps available in the market, this one seems to have gained market value because of its acquisition by Twitter. Fans will agree, the features are fabulous and well that’s all we care about in the end of the day. But that may just make it a fad in the end of it all. A fun app that will have its short-lived days of glory before another interesting app replaces it. The fact is how many people actually prefer sharing videos that with a limit of only 6 seconds, and since this is only available for Apple users; a huge android segment of the mobile phone market is left untouched!

Over in the tech bloggers world there is a definite rave about this app, as it does provide a better rather creative concept in capturing and uploading the video. However many have also come across certain trivial problems;

  1. Deleting a vine before uploading a new one- When one vine has not successfully uploaded, you will not be able to upload another till you go back and fix the issue with the first one. So you either delete it, or fig out the problem!
  2. Vines auto play- This is a fun feature considering you don’t have to press play the videos automatically start playing once you’re on the page and stop as you scroll down. But this can be a real pain when you know exactly what you want to watch but are bombarded by random videos, also when in a public place, sudden noises from your phone may lead to some embarrassment.
  3. Re-Sharing your vine- once you’ve made the initial selection of the page you want to post your vine there is no clear way to post it again on another page, this is still a bit of a mystery.

Overall one may argue if this app will turn out to be a seasonal fad. Are users ready for a video software that enables recording for only a few seconds? Surely the younger generation of users will enjoy the looping feature a lot, but that could lead to boredom after a few weeks or a month. Twitter had been in the radar for the character limit on their posts, but triumphed with a great fan following and increasing users, will the six second video app Vine survive it too?

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