typeahead.js autocomplete library inspired by Twitter search!

I am sure you are aware of Twitter Bootstrap, there are many website using this Bootstrap as a base. Twitter is constantly releasing JS and CSS libraries or frameworks which would be very useful for web developers out there. Now twitter has come up with Typeahead.js which is a fast and fully-featured Autocomplete library which was actually inspired by twitter’s autocomplete search functionality.

typeahead.js - autocomplete search functionality and JavaScript library
typeahead.js – autocomplete search functionality and JavaScript library

The major features of this library is as follows:

  1. Shows top suggestion as a hint (a background text – means no need to select a particular suggestion, once you feel the background text is what you are looking for then just do tab key)
  2. Works well with hardcoded or static data as well as with remote data
  3. The other thing I liked it Rate-limits to cut down the load
  4. Provides suggestions from multiple datasets
  5. Customized templates for suggestions to match your sites look n feel
  6. And most important Right-To-Left (RTL) languages and Input Method Editors support

Actually this Typeahead allows to prefetch data, means searching the data on client side which would be quick in response and is optimized for quick indexing and searching large datasets on the client side.

demo 1 demo 2 download

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