UC Browser – the best friend of your Smartphone!

Watching a video without interruption and with great quality is what anyone would wish for. But most of us do not experience this while viewing things on our smartphones or tablets. There’s always something we wish to add to the existing features.

This was the case in the past. Now our prayers have been answered with UC Browser HD 3.2. Released on the 19th of May with a view to provide something that was never seen before, UC Browser looks into mobile internet and services. Mobile browsers are usually designed separately for tablets and smartphones with large screens according to their individual requirement.

Now you have a better option that can be part of both your tablet and smartphone. With UC Browser good video support is not the only thing you will find. This is accompanied by gesture controlled video player and Smart Downloading. Read on to explore some of the amazing features of UC Browser.

With UC Browser you don’t have to make an effort to find popular videos. This will be done for you by Video More. All you need to do is to be to swipe left on your UC Browser screen! For now video more is available only to the Indian users of UC Browser but soon people across the globe will have access to it.

Moving on to the next feature My Videos will help you sort your favorite videos separately. So you don’t have to take help of the search bar each time. It enables not only storage but addition and deletion to the list of your favorites. You can get to your favorite videos by clicking on the menu option at the top right corner and then select My Videos.

The combination of a Samsung Smartphone and UC Browser is the best thing to have. This is because of the support it gives to the split screen feature available only with Samsung smartphone users. This is an irresistible combination for all those who love multitasking. With this you could use other apps while browsing on the internet. UC Browser is the best gift for a tech lover. Are you one?

Explore yourself more about UC Browser at: ucweb.com

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