Unitar invites you to the Finance, Trade, and Intellectual Property training!

Become a trainee with the United Nations through its new UNITAR – an online training program!

Till date United Nations has been involved in maintaining world peace, creating employment, taking care of world health and so on. But did you know that the UN is involved in training and research too?

Well if you didn’t know about this you have come to the right place. Today I’m going to take you through UN’s decision to train the youth and provide an opportunity for their research in various fields. Let’s see how they plan to do that!

For this the famous organization has come up with United Nations Training and Research [UNITAR]. This wing of the UN aims to provide training in the fields of financial management, international trade and intellectual property. Since the UNITAR has just taken birth this year one may thing that it has got a lot of ground work to do. But surprisingly it has already reached far beyond the level of ground work. It already has highly developed online training programs designed by experts in particular fields. They are interactive courses and believe in creating ways to retain the trainee’s interest all through. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that these courses will give you a clear picture of the real world challenges in just 6 months.

Africa: United Nations launches 2014 online courses on Finance, Trade, and Intellectual Property
Africa: United Nations launches 2014 online courses on Finance, Trade, and Intellectual Property

Success in this course will be rewarded by a certificate from UNITAR. Let us now take a look at the places from where students are pouring in the most. Statistics say with growth in demand for these courses from Sub Saharan African countries the number of these courses has increased tremendously. Now we have as much as 390% of online training courses available within the last 5 years. Talking about the distribution more than 30% of beneficiaries coming from Africa, followed by Asia Pacific 24%, Latin America and the Caribbean 14%. The best part is as many as 25,000 participants benefit from UNITAR every year. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now you would want to know some popular courses of the UNITAR. These include Financial Negotiation, Risk Management, Financial Governance/Management, Trade and Intellectual Property, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution, as well as Debt Management and Poverty Reduction. So which course are you interested in? When you find an answer to this question do visit Public Finance and Trade Programme – Calendar of Events for 2014 for more information. All the best!!!

You can Download the Calendar of Events.

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