uNu Exera Duo Charging Dock

uNu Exera Duo Charging Dock for Samsung Galaxy Note II

One of the crappiest experiences you can undergo with a phone is; the battery getting over. If we lived in a perfect world, we’d never have our batteries die on us. But the fact is the world is not perfect, nor is anything else, but uNu has come up with a product to get you closer to that longed perfection.

The uNu Exera Duo Charging Dock with 2 x 3100mAh Batteries is the solution to all your problems. With these new products, users can place multiple batteries on a single charging hub. You will never experience downtime because your Samsung Galaxy Note II battery is down. Just charge, swap and go.

The critical aspect of this product is that it comes with an integrated micro-USB port which means the Duo Charging Dock can restore a total of 300% power over three connected batteries in a single overnight charge. Another exciting feature is the design which allows users to charge any compatible battery using the Duo Charging Dock, including Samsung Galaxy I, II, III, and the original Note.

uNu Exera Duo Charging Dock – Overview

This innovative product makes you always have life in your phone, and since two batteries can simultaneously be charged on the dock, it eliminates the need for a phone-charging cable. The next level of innovation is that this comprehensive hub is equipped with two battery ports and an additional USB outlet allowing for up to three batteries to connect simultaneously.

UNu has eliminated constantly having to swap charged and uncharged batteries. The Duo Charger Dock facilitates charging of Exera batteries for iPhone 4/4S, allowing several different users with multiple devices to sync and charge from a single USB-powered device.

Available for $49.95, with a one-year warranty on the product’s website.

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