Use Google Related Links to increase page views

I hope there are only few who know about this Google’s tool called – Google Labs Related Links. Its not a new tool, long back in April 2006 Google Labs launched this new service called Related links. And almost after an year they have stopped this Related Links service.

Now they re-launched this Google Related Links service, its a tool/gadget to help webmasters increase their own sites page views. Given a page on your site, Related Links can choose the most related pages from your site and show them in a gadget. You can embed this gadget in your page to help your users reach other pages easily.

Use Google Related Links to increase page views
Use Google Related Links to increase page views

Example pages where we are using this gadget in our site (search ‘Related Links by Google’ to find the gadget):

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WittySparks Page 1 | WittySparks Page 2 | Page 3 and used by many other big sites.

Related Links also suggests searches that users can run within your site to find even more related pages.

As they have this Google Related Links service with invitation based, you have to send an email to the address mentioned in this Google Labs Related Links site to get the account for this cool Related Links gadget/tool.

This tool is really helpful for the webmaster you have a big site with lot many modules or services etc. This will act as a one stop tool/gadget to get the related links for all your services in your portal or site.

If you can’t wait to see how it works, here is their – official demo page – where you can actually preview this tool. Of course you flexibility to change the look and feel of the gadget to match your site with your own custom CSS.

We at WittySparks are happy with this cool Google Related Links tool. So try your luck for an account.

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