Use PHP Speedy to increase site performance

PHP Speedy is simple, handy and easy to use php script that you can install on your web server to automatically increase your custom php based site or application performance and which speeds up the download time of your php based web pages.

This script was developed by Leon Chevalier of

PHP Speedy automatically joins all the appropriate files and compresses them to greatly reducing the load time of your custom or opensource php pages.

Here’s an example, from a test page:

PHP Speedy - Increase your PHP site performance
PHP Speedy - Increase your PHP site performance

Here are the steps to follow for successful implementation:

  1. Download the script at PHP Speedy and unzip the PHP Speedy package into its own directory, either in your sites main directory or in your own folder where you want to use this for your own custom php script or can even upload it in sub-domains, domain directory etc.
  2. Point your browser to the PHP Speedy directory and Follow the installation instructions.
  3. You can even Install it manually by deleting the index.php and install.php files and then open config.php to fill in the variables manually.
  4. You can even have GZIP, minify and expires options.
  5. Easy to apply PHP Speedy manually to your PHP Files:
    # Open the main header php file that controls the output of  HTML that you will be compressing. This might be something like header.php. Include the php_speedy.php file at the very top, i.e like:
    # Add this code at the very bottom – can go in your common footer.php

PHP Speedy has also got WordPress Plugin, which gives a better performance to your busy blog with more plugins.

I’m Loving It :) – started using it for my Custom PHP Based Applications.

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