User Interface Workflow management is made easy with Clarify!

Here is good news for wireframe designers and front-end developers; let me introduce a tool called which can streamline or manage the workflows of any particular design or module you may be referring to in your project.

Clarify - Streamline your Frontend Workflow
Clarify – Streamline your Front-end Workflow

Suppose your project team members are spread-ed across the globe. In that case, it is tough to streamline workflow, and you may end up with many emails, calls, team meetings, screen sharing to finalize the design of one particular module with your fellow designers or developers. wants to do your job easily; Clarify is a new way to manage & share your design screens, wireframes, finished design, or any snapshot you wish to discuss with your team or fellow members. Just create your project and upload screens (png or jpg) to get started. Clarify is still in beta and is free.

Using Clarify, you can create your project and upload a wireframe, screenshot, flow chart, or anything you want to present and discuss with team members or clients.

Once uploading is done, you can open the screenshot and spot Annotations, and can also show the Measure of a particular design element, and can define the color schemes, and if some headings are missing or some text is missing, you can add it on a screenshot with Typography option where you can have your font-types, etc. and last but not least Modules, yes you can discuss clearly with your designers or developers module wise means this tool will allow you to define parts of the screenshot as various modules.

Once you are done with all the listed features, you can add collaborators who can directly comment on your wireframes by pointing out a particular module, etc.

Finally, I love this tool; it’s Free :), easy to use, fast and easy to make decisions with the team members, overall time and a money saver, and Clarify clarifies all the doubts between wireframe developer and front-end designer and developer.

And why not share your experience if you are using this tool.

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