Uttarakhand – Missing pilgrims & “Humanity”

Uttarakhand Natural calamity – exposed how people are narrow in their thinking and build strong boundaries between people, language and different states. The need of the hour was to rescue as many people as we can.

Uttarakhand Natural Calamity
Uttarakhand Natural Calamity

However strangely – rescue operations are not centralized. One state CM comes and takes their own people in Volvo buses and helicopters sponsored by his State Government. What about other pilgrims who are left out and were looking for rescue with 1000 eyes. Just because their mother tongue is different from that state CM or they do not belong to that state they are not qualified to be rescued.

Based on this act, other CMs joined to perform the same act. Tamil Nadu helicopters, AP helicopters. Also within this chaos another twist is Opposition party Helicopters and aero planes arrived and MPs are fighting that only Govt can help and not opposition.

Also stories are surfacing about the looting happened for money from the pilgrims. cutting hands of the pilgrims for taking bangles are also reported. During the needy hour business people made more business by selling one mineral water bottle for 200 Rs and lunch for 500 to 1000 Rs.

Few so called “Sadhus” were caught yesterday with 1000 Rs and 500 Rs big bundles. No explanation from them from where they got that huge money. “Sadhu” in Sanskrit means a person who is soft and doesn’t harm anyone and has no interest on money or offerings.

All these stories and snaps about Uttarakhand made me to write this. Where are we going. Why is this irresponsible act from people when one person is suffering? That suffering should not be used for vote purpose/ politicize / doing business. Let us all together help the flood victims and not build boundaries any more. It is for the people who require support and only we as people can help not by self-labeled narrow states / parties

Published by S V Lakshmikanth

I am born in Hyderabad and educated in Kurnool and Hyderabad. By profession, I am heading Human Resource function at IMImobile. I am having 10+ years of experience in Training & Development / Human Resources / Corporate Communications. I did Masters in Mass Communications from University of Hyderabad. My passion includes conducting interview preparation / soft skills sessions and career counseling for students and professionals. I have lived in many parts of Andhra Pradesh owing to my Father’s frequent transfers. I have the fortune to visit many historical places in India. Interested in philosophy and knowing one self.

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