Valentine Day the Pink Chaddi way?

Valentine Day this year too has created a flutter with various groups claiming to be moral police issuing warnings. Interestingly, following the Ram Sene attack on a bunch of women outside a pub which drew the attention of the nation, a group has come together and launched the Pink Chaddi Campaign.

Pinkchaddi Campaign Valentines Day
Pinkchaddi Campaign Valentines Day

As a part of this they have created a campaign which calls like minded people to send Pink Chaddi’s which would be sent to the ‘harbingers’ of Hindu culture, i.e. Ram Sene !

Well, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, which is not necessarily between two lovers but could also be expressed to a mother, father or a dear one. It is an occasion to show love and fill color in the lives of dear ones. One would have to see if it gets colored in pink this year!

What do you feel?

Pink Chaddi Valentines Day Amul
Pink Chaddi Valentines Day Amul

More on: The Pink Chaddi Campaign – Consortium of Pubgoing, Loose and Forward Women

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