Verizon FiOS doubles the Internet speed to 300 Mbps!

Wouldn’t you like an internet connection that doesn’t make you wait too long to do what you want? We have always had to compromise on the speed. But not any more! Verizon Communications Inc. has got to you exactly what you wanted. Yes its true! Verizon’s FiOS internet service has recently announced its decision to double its speed and make it more convenient for customers to use it.

Verizon FiOS brings to you the Fastest Internet Connection ever!
Verizon FiOS brings to you the Fastest Internet Connection ever!

They have decided to take a direct leap from 150 Megabits per second to 300 Megabits per second. I must say that is a considerable amount of increase and can ease our lives to a large extent. This increase is something we wont find in any other broadband service that is available in the whole of the USA. With this connection you can download a two and a half hour movie in less than 40 seconds. I think this is proof enough to give us an idea of the difference its going to make.

“Families won’t have to say, ‘Don’t make that Skype call right now because we’re watching a Netflix movie,'” said Richard Bennett, senior researcher at the Washington Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. The maximum speed of a Verizon connection is twice as high as other companies can provide. So this is what makes it stand out of the regular lot. This amazing internet connection is all set to be useful from June this year but a specific rate for it has not been decided yet.

The best part of the offer is that you don’t need an upgrade if you are already using the 150 Megabits connection. In case that’s not what you are using, you will require to install a new equipment that is provided and installed for you totally free of cost. That’s an amazingly tempting deal, isn’t it? In June your experience of using the internet is going to be completely different. Are you ready for it?

Source: Verizon FiOS plans to double Net speed and Faster than your router? Verizon doubles FiOS speeds to 300Mbps

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