Victoria Beckham Vs Katie Holmes at New York Fashion week

September 9th, is going to be an interesting day for fashion divas and former friends Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. Both have been given the same day slot for showcasing their Spring/Summer 2013 collections at New York Fashion Week. Holmes will be debuting her collection called Holmes and Yang, while Beckham has already been a part of the runway scene for a couple of seasons.

Oprah Winfrey Wearing Victoria Beckham
Oprah Winfrey Wearing Victoria Beckham

The two celebrity designers have been in the spotlight for their own sense of style and fashion. But it is the competitive situation that they’ve been put it for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at New York that will set apart one from the other. We all know competition can get really ugly in Hollywood land. When the lights go out, and the runway is lit, what matters is whose collection satisfies the people and prompts buyers. In the end it’s all a business.

Victoria Beckham & Katie Holmes Will Go Head-to-Head At NY Fashion Week:

Posh and Holmes have been in the entertainment news for ages. Since Holmes’ very public divorce with Mission Impossible star Tom Cruise, she has upgraded her fashion quotient. This will be a great publicity generator for her brand. Robert Burke former Bergdorf Goodman executive, was quoted saying to the New York Times; ‘The way she’s getting photographed today, she’s in a position to get more exposure than ever before. She’s not waiting for fashion editors and stylists to come and pull her clothes‘. Victoria none the less has had a great fashion following with countless stars gracing the red carpets in her designs.

Beckhams’ fashion venture has earned her a lot more recognition than her music career. She is now in the spotlight for her sophisticated sense of style. Once known for being famous because of her marriage to football star David Beckham, she’s now changed all that and made it about her design talent. Posh already has a great few years under her belt, and her couture collection is one of the most anticipated this season.

Eva Langoria, Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang, Beyonce
Eva Langoria, Katie Holmes and Jeanne Yang, Beyonce

Image: Desperate housewives star Eva Longoria Parker on the red carpet in a sharp suit by Victoria Beckham and also Singing sensation Beyonce Knowles in a navy dress by Victoria Beckham

For Holmes, the spot at Fashion has upped her sales in Barneys stores confirmed by store managers at New York and Beverly Hills. The line is co-created by stylist Jeanne Yang. It’s been a great collaborated effort from both Holmes and Yang that brings an edge to the fashion brand. Celebrity stylist Yang has been in the business for quite some time.

Even though this should be all about the designer and their designs, celebrities do get a lot of their marketing done through their famous families. There’s great speculation around who will pop up to support them. Will David Beckham show up?, will Suri come to applaud her mom?, will ex-hubby Tom Cruise take a seat at the front row?. It’s all going to uncover on the runways of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, at New york on September 9th. And the fashion world can’t wait!

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