Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show – One show is all it takes!

It’s that time of the year where models steal the show. The fashion weeks are running across the globe throughout the year, but there is none like The Annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The concept behind building a brand that works wonders in terms of money in this case is the yearly bonanza that reaches all customers. However, it’s not one exclusive to the line of lingerie.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

What’s the point?, No matter the genre of your business, if you have a highly invested event on an yearly basis, that “shows” to the larger market what your brand and product is about, you’ll be fine the rest of the year. Not saying you will have to close down your marketing department, but the most work will be done on that one day/s worth of investment.

The funny thing about this particular trick is the customers don’t realize how their psyche is being played with. We are humans, and what comes as shock to us, or bedazzles our mind stays in there for a very long time. Ditto is the case in these annual events companies host, that are so over the top and publicized that there is not an ounce of doubt that the effect has not been made. Companies on a general will have various events taking place annually, but a bonanza is what creates the real buzz.

Victoria’s Secrets Fashion Show 2012 2013 overview:

The Victoria’s secrets fashion show is a multimillion dollar event, but they aren’t the only ones doing it to get the hype. Hamstech Institute of Fashion and Interior Designing is another brand that takes up this method of promotion. Their annual fashion show Calantha presented by the students doing a diploma brings all the attention and grabs a considerable amount of students for the next year, not to mention the presence of press, celebrities and socialites.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2012 (FULL HD):

The show is like any other fashion institutes presentations of the works of students, but only the cream of the institute who can afford to participate do so. They are under the mentorship of the infamous Neeta Lulla, and hence are able to produce pieces of quality. That show is what gives the institute a reputation till the next academic year ends. No one cares to ask about anything else!

Calantha - The Annual Fashion Showcase
Calantha – The Annual Fashion Showcase

If you’re a magazine you can use the same method by organizing an annual overly hyped, unreasonably invested event, where in you can showcase your magazine, and present it to the customers. You can do the same for any other business you have, be it in any type of product or service business you own. The idea is to shock and awe; play with the psyche of the customers and the general public.

Many companies struggle with marketing, and attempt to take the routes described in the text books, but the real entrepreneurs are those who know their customers well enough to prepare and pitch their brands niche in such a way that it’s irresistible. Converting a want into a need, closing all doors of logic in the head, sweeping the customer off their feet, this is the key to entrepreneurial success today. So my friends let the show begin!

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