Vodafone Busy Message Caller Tunes Advertisement

Vodafone Busy Message Caller Tunes

All Vodafone commercials made to date have been simple to understand and elegant with immense creativity as far as communicating their messages to the masses is concerned. In fact, every Vodafone advertisement is unique in itself and the recent one is on similar lines.

The latest Vodafone commercial talks about the different kinds of ‘status’ caller tunes which people can set on their mobile phones. The ad shows subscribers using simple situations that they encounter in their daily lives and creates their unique tunes (which also does) not require them to think too much to set the same.

All the situations shown in the commercial are really entertaining and creative, to say the least. Another unique feature of this ad is that they haven’t used their USP “the pug” in the commercial. They have made the most by getting people to enact like any other brand commercial and still appeal to the audience.

Like always, Vodafone has communicated the message very beautifully and that too in a simple manner by anointing it with warm emotions! The icing on the cake for this advertisement is the instance where a father is shown singing a lullaby to his baby to make the baby sleep as “I am sleeping, sleeping, sleeping”! The creative agency of this commercial is Ogilvy India.

One could be sure that individuals in India admire Vodafone commercials, right from the pug following the small boy and the tag line saying “Wherever you go our network follows”, the pug helping the girl in case of need, and the tag line saying “Happy to Help” to the Zoozoo commercials where they communicate their service USP through Zoozoo’s which made them an instant hit.

The Vodafone advertisement bears testimony to the fact that it is those small moments from day to day life of people which serve as inspiration for thoughtful advertisements like this one and thereby reinstates the fact that “art imitates life”!

The link to the commercial is given below:

Vodafone Busy Message Caller Tunes Advertisement
Vodafone Busy message – Zoozoo & Crocodile
Vodafone Zoozoo IPL – Busy Message
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