Vodafone Umbrella that recharges your phone battery!

Every development in the field of technology is bound to change outlook towards life. All this is nothing but an attempt by man to simplify his life. So today let us talk about one such amazing invention by man. Popular mobile network company Vodafone has come up with an extraordinary idea of a magical umbrella that not only protects you from getting wet in the rain but also recharges your phone and provides best signals so you have no trouble talking on your phone!

Now recharge your phone battery with the help of an umbrella that works on solar energy - Vodafone
Now recharge your phone battery with the help of an umbrella that works on solar energy – Vodafone

It is a hand – stitched umbrella with twelve solar cells that capture the solar rays to help you recharge your phone battery. This has been made possible through a USB cord that can be used to connect both the devices.

This amazing umbrella catches signals only within the radius of one meter and will take not more than three hours to charge your phone batter. So now can recharge your phone battery anywhere and at any time as long as it is a bright sunny day! This amazing idea has come out of a great mind. The world calls him Dr Kenneth Tong and he works at the University College London. His outstanding contribution to the world of technology was presented at the Isle of Wight Festival
on 22 June. I cant praise him enough was making such a wonderful thing that the world has never seen before.

I think it is the best gift for mankind. Do you agree?

Image Source: Vodafone: Smartphone laden via Sonnenenergie – mit diesem Schirm ist das nun möglich

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