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It’s time again for the MTV Movie Awards this year. Before we talk about these awards lets take a proper look at its origin. These are film awards held annually, whose winners are decided by the producers and executives of MTV. There is also a voting facility provided on the official website of MTV Movie Awards, where fans vote for their favorite actors in various categories. Its an amazing platform to encourage and welcome new talent into the film industry. The categories in these awards are slightly different from the regular ones.

MTV Movie Awards 2012
MTV Movie Awards 2012

Mind you, being different does not mean they are unimportant or any less prestigious than the regular ones. The amazing thing about these awards is that the categories don’t remain the same every year. Now this is what draws a line between MTV Awards and the regular set of film awards.

Lets take a look at some of the categories that were awarded last year and the ones that’ll be awarded this year. This time celebs will be receiving awards for the best movie, best performance, best breakthrough performance, best villain, best performance in a comic role, best kiss, best fight, best jaw dropping moment, best scared as shit performance, biggest bad-ass star and best line from a movie. Earlier we had categories like, most desirable male, most desirable female, best on screen duo, best action sequence, best new film maker, best song from a movie, best dance sequence, best sandwich in a movie and so on. These are all categories started in different decades of the award show. Of course we cannot do without mentioning the life time achievement award that is given here. Oh my!

2012 MTV Movie Award Nominations Announced

It feels like a fun filled event to me. Cant wait to see this year’s show will be aired on June 3rd 2012 – live at 9/8c.
Wont you watch it too?

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