Wacom Bamboo Paper now for android

Wacom, the famous company bringing graphic tablets, and stylus for personalizing your smart phone and tablet experience by introducing easy hand-drawing and note making apps is now introducing its Bamboo paper app for android phones.

The app which was earlier only available for iPad users will now be available for free in app stores. This app is as fun as all others, especially focusing onĀ  easy note making and organizing via virtual notebooks.

Wacom - Bamboo Paper is now available for Android and iOS
Wacom – Bamboo Paper is now available for Android and iOS

This app is great for those who are on the go and have a large number of tasks to accomplish in a day, note taking becomes easy using their stylus pen or any other input devices that may come with your cell phone or tablet.

Bamboo Paper App For iPad Now Available For Android Users:

The Bamboo paper app supports natural handwriting for capturing notes, sketches, doodles etc on the go. Users can also chose from a variety of color inks and highlighting, making this app even more personalized and fun to use.

The Bamboo Paper app requires one to have the ICS or operating system or above. It is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note ii, and the Galaxy S iii. Now available on Google Play stores and also Samsung Apps app store, this app is a must for those of us who miss being able to ‘write’ since the technologically advanced touch screens have taken over our lives.

Bamboo Stylus Review from Wacom:

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