Wardrobe recycling, a vital fashion trend in 2013!

In an era where fashions change in the blink of an eye, wardrobe recycling is a trend that strikes a chord with everyone’s sensibilities. You can’t pile on scores of clothes and wear them only once or twice and forget about them; it’s just illogical and such a waste of space and money.

Fashion trends in 2013
Fashion trends in 2013

The brightest trend on the fashion scene in 2013 is recycling your clothes. Highlighted by none other than the Duchess of Cambridge, this trend is sure to make people sit up and take notice and follow it as an essential part of their lives.

It’s incredible how many of the clothes we used to end up in landfills, but this trend is changing since people are getting educated into how valuable our old cast-off can be. The aim is to change the way we shop so that we use only what we need. Recycling clothes is just as important as recycling plastics and aluminum as so many of those old clothes can be refurbished and serve someone in need of them.

To keep up with trends, we do not wear a particular style if it goes out of fashion even though the garment is perfectly alright! This is fueled by media frenzy and huge multinationals that operate the fashion industry to make profits.

However, if we channel this trend of quick changes in fashion, it can benefit those in need. Sparking this trend of wardrobe recycling are celebrities, politicians, and other prominent people such as Kate the Duchess of Cambridge, Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr, etc.

Wardrobe Recycling was the “it” trend in 2013, with celebrities ditching the sales to choose an even cheaper way to style. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller were seen in their favorite winter warmers for the third year in a row. Fearne Cotton has been reusing her faithful pair of apple green jeans for three seasons now, and Miranda Kerr seems never to get tired of her monochrome maxi dress too.

And not to forget the ambassadors of wardrobe recycling. The Duchess of Cambridge has shown a penchant for recycling her clothes on more than one occasion while Mrs. Obama wore an old Michael Kors dress at her husband’s electoral victory moment last week. There’s also Olivia Wilde, who loves her polka-dotted maxi dress and fringed bag.

While they all have the budget to buy something new for every appearance they make, these stars are choosing to make a statement, and if they’re willing to wear the same clothes time and again, then what’s stopping the rest of us? It just requires a little skill to recycle your looks using the same items of clothing. Take the inspiration of The Duchess; she’s an expert on the subject.

The Duchess wore the same DVF coat to the Remembrance Day Ceremonies two years in a row with just subtle changes and the Roksanda Ilincic dress, which she wore to the UK’s Creative Industries Reception and also during her first royal tour of America. She manages to look impeccable at every appearance and shows off her elegant and lady-like style while reusing some of her old clothes.

So tell us what you think about this trend and if you would adopt it in your life? Do share your thoughts in the comments below!

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