Watch for a new ad of Coca Cola by Hugh Mitton!

Coca-Cola is coming up with a new ad concept during the next season of the popular reality show American Idol. This ad has been created at by a talented and young film maker from New Zealand whom the world calls Hugh Mitton. All this started with the MOFILM’s 2012 Cannes threw open a video contest. All the contestants were asked to send in their creative best featuring moments of happiness.

During American Idol - Coca-Cola To Premiere Crowdsourced Ad
During American Idol – Coca-Cola To Premiere Crowdsourced Ad

The freedom to use the pre existing Christmas holidays was given to contestants or they could even come up with an idea of their own. If you ask me, I would say the ability to think differently is what made Mitton stand out in the crowd.

While the others stuck to Christmas Huge created an ad keeping the Valentine ’s Day as its base. Now that’s what I’d call being differently creative. I bet you don’t disagree! Hugh Mitton was just 23 when he created this concept. It is very rare to see a person of this age reach the zenith of excellence. “We were immediately excited when we saw Hugh’s film in June last year and started to think then that it would be a great spot for Valentine’s Day 2013”. Said Jonathan Mildenhall, VP Global Advertising Strategy and Content Excellence, Coca-Cola. He continued, “We’re delighted to be giving such a young creative a great platform to display his talent”.

Coca Cola – Valentine’s – “Happiness in the Air”

Coca-Cola “Happiness in the Air” from MOFILM on Vimeo.

Fortunately we also managed to get Hugh’s response on this occasion and he said “It’s huge. One of those things as a fledgling artist you hope for but never expect. When I created the film I never dream t it would be seen by millions of people. It’s crazy rewarding”. Now let’s dig a little deeper into the life of the man himself. Hugh is a young ad-brained-turned-director hailing from New Zealand.

Energizing Refreshment (2/6): Power Up

After completing a marketing degree and working as an advertising creative, he finally threw it all in to pursue his passion for film, recently joining Film Construction in Australia/New eland as a new director. When not making ads or movies, he’s watching them, out flying or getting distracted by something incredible on the internet. Now this is the success story of a creative personality. Check out the video and tell me what you think of it. I’ll be waiting!

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