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Wittysparks - VideoBuzz Videos

WittySparks is a website which gives an overview about events that create headlines from different walks of life, from sports, entertainment to technology. The site provides free content and a host of services through its links with other sites.

Updated on a regular basis, the site is linked to other prominent and popular sites such as, a popular social networking site, and others.

Carrying on these lines of giving free services to WittySparks regular readers, we announce the launch of our new service called VideoBuzz – Watch the world!

This service is integrated under WittySparks and is fully integrated with WordPress.

The site provides tag related videos for each article which gets published in WittySparks. This means readers get a video directly or indirectly related the piece which they read in Witty Sparks to enhance their overall experience!

It enables and provides the users with an opportunity to search for their own videos by using basic filters and settings which are embedded in the site.

It also provides the user the facility to grab the embed code of the video which can be shared or embedded on your own blog, website and other such source.

And the best part..any guesses, the user get to view millions of videos from thousands of channels available all over the web!!

Truveo Developer Challenge
Truveo Developer Challenge

Since the team at WittySparks has undertaken efforts to make it live, we submitted our WittySparks VideoBuzz section to Truveo TopCoder Contest and our website got listed at “Watch the world on WittySparks with VideoBuzz” we hope to get all your support to grab the price :) !

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