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In the evolving and constantly changing world of Internet, a development capable of changing the face of File transfer between computers and servers has taken place. Usually, when a heavy file is to be uploaded or a file needs to be accessed at another location, it is a cumbersome process because it is generally done through FTP or giving access to your server to the person accessing the respective file.

But now a few softwares are available which enable your local host or PC to turn into a server whereby any person would be able to access your system as a server and access the files in your system. Sounds good..? Well, www.purplenova.com , a service provider has ventured in this area and has set the ball rolling. But having mentioned the benefits of this form of service, it also comes with a few hassles such as a robust system requirement in case the file shared are huge.

And the basic version can be downloaded free of cost!! :)

(For more information visit : www.purplenova.com)

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