Welcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

There something about what Samsung is doing with its ‘note’ series that is making consumers go crazy for it. Foresight, and customer satisfaction, Samsung has been a name in the business and positive likings of many but they company just can’t stop producing better more amazing products for their consumers. They proudly introduce their newest Phablet Galaxy Note 8.0.

Samsung takes the Galaxy Notes to another level!
Samsung takes the Galaxy Notes to another level!

Since the Apple mini has created great buzz in the tech world, consumers seem to love investing and trying out newer products and explore the market. Hence, it was inevitable that Samsung would come up with a larger Galaxy note. The Korean company has brought together the best of what’s around its Galaxy into an 8-inch form factor, housing a 1,280 x 800 TFT display, Exynos 4 Quad with 2GB RAM (clocked at 1.6GHz), TouchWiz-skinned Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 OS, S Pen (and suite of associated apps), as well as radios for HSPA+ and WiFi into that familiar, lightweight plastic body. Satisfied already?

Well Samsung is taking everything a little further with this new product, along with an increase in size the product boasts two new features:

  1. Smart Remote- Samsung has partnered with Peel for its Smart Remote app, a visual programming guide with remote control functions baked-in that comes pre-loaded on the tab.
  2. “Reading Mode”- As the company describes it, will effectively optimize the slate’s display for comfortable e-book use.
  3. Using the menu and back buttons- users can now effect the capacitive menu and back buttons using the S Pen. This may take some time for users to get a hang of, but is definitely a very crucial feature added to this item.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 vs iPad Mini vs Nexus 7: Quick Comparison:

Design wise the product is pretty similar to Note II. It weighs 338 grams (11.9 ounces), the Note 8.0’s not much heavier than the iPad mini and as it’s made to be held one-handed, and hence users may not feel very strained with the single hand use. The phablet is 7.95mm thick, measuring 210.8mm x 135.9mm (8.3 x 5.4 inches). The Note 8.0’s back is non-removable, but that bit’s rendered moot by the accessibility of the microSD and micro-SIM slots on the tablet’s left edge and a sealed 4,600mAh battery. The product does NOT possess an AMOLED screen like its buddies, this one is TFT. However viewing angles hold up well and display brightness is not major issue outdoors in bright sunlight. Serving the suppose with better quality maybe.

The Reading mode and Smart Remote are Note 8.0’s two biggest software features, to give the product more of an edge, Samsung’s pre-loading two other applications suited to the Note 8.0’s form and function. The company is maintaining the surprise element in their products and satisfying the customers too. Also, as a first for Android and Samsung, Awesome Note (a cloud-based annotation app previously available only on iOS) has been integrated into the device as a free service, exclusive to the OEM for one year. Fabulous!

Samsung’s confirmed that the US market will see a WiFi-only variant and its specs could change slightly, too. An LTE variant is also on deck. The global version of the Note 8.0 also packs HSPA+ 21 connectivity (850/900/1900/2100MHz). So consumers will be able to make calls from the new member of the Galaxy Note Gang!

Information Source: Engadget | Official Site of Samsung GALAXY Note 800

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